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Carni Liquid 3000 - 1 litre

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Promotion Carni Liquid 3000 - 1 liter!
1 liter of Carni Liquid 3000 - each containing 500 ml, two taste of your choice!
At the price of 35 euro!


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CARNI LIQUID 3000 is an advanced formula of L-Carnitine with Chromium Picolinate and Vitamin B6. L-carnitine acts as a carrier for fat to be used as a source of energy. Without L-carnitine, fatty deposits remain stored in cells and in the blood when they can not be used. CARNI LIQUID 3000 increases the oxidation of fatty acids, increases energy levels, reduces fat tissue and saves muscle glycogen, improving sports performance.

CARNI LIQUID 3000 is also a good ally to fight fatigue because it has a great capacity for anticatabolic and anabolic stimulation, which can be very useful to prevent muscle destruction.

CARNI LIQUID 3000 contains a high dose of L-carnitine (3000 mg per dose), which distinguishes it as one of the most effective products on the market.

Another very important aspect to highlight is the two spectacular apple and orange flavors that make CARNI LIQUID 3000 an effective and truly exquisite product.


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